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Most investors in Malaysia are going for small spaces to be able to meet the needs of a broad range of clients. One thing you may not understand is that smaller spaces have a lot of potentials when dealing with the interior design firm for your office space. People try to minimize the physical space they are renting because most landlords charge per square feet and this can be very costly. However, a top J &V company of interior design Malaysia can help you to get the best out of the available space. Here are some of the rules that office interior designers in Kuala Lumpur use to give your space an exclusive expression.

Lighten Up

You can position your mirrors directly across from the window so as to pull in the limited light. You could also use semi-gloss paint to reflect the lighting and keep your appliances clean and furniture polished.

Slim Down

Having so many little things all over a small room will clog the limited space. It is better to get a large bag, basket, or box and store there all those small accents. Being extremely specific about what you place on the top of your tables and shelves will help you to create a lot of airspace in the office.

Trim Down

Heavy and bulky window treatments block the limited lighting in your small office and space hoggers. You could free your windows by making use of shutters, blinds, and even shades. There are some gorgeous alternatives that you can make or purchase from any office interior design store in Ipoh. You could spend some extra cash by allowing a famous interior designer to customize the design of your blinds to complement the entire decoration of the room.

Liven Up

Placing fresh plants around your small office space will open it up significantly. Bountiful bouquets that are regularly freshened up can work even though placing a potted plant is more effective. You could also place your furniture at an angle and use the remaining space to display a palm or indoor tree.

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Color Down

Using a variety of colour has an effect of breaking up larger spaces but several colours work against smaller rooms given the space limitation. It is better if you use one colour on the wall painting or use the same pallet hue for minor subtle changes from one room to another.

interior designer kuala lumpurFabric Up

It is advisable to leave your large pieces of furniture solid and fabric-up the accents to enhance your small office interior design. You could also use a slipcover to tone things down a little bit. Introduce the additional fabrics in your accents to bring some emotional interest and visual depth to your small office. It is an excellent way to have some fun with your interior design. You can find out more about interior design tips here.

Set Up

Light bare wood is very effective if you want to give a larger appearance to your small office room. You could also bring Berber or light bamboo where there is a dark linoleum to bring out the light.