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ISO tanks play an important storage role for most households in the modern world. However, you cannot get maximum benefit from this equipment unless you understand the various features and functionalities of each component. You will find these features in any ISO tank for sale you select. Manufacturers are keen while designing vacuum pump packages because they want them to give you the best service.  There is a reliable ISO tank supplier where you can purchase iso tank from Tankformator. Below are some of the top features of ISO tanks.


Bottom Valve: Each ISO tank normally comes with three bottom valves from the manufacturers of ISO Tank container for purposes of unloading. These container units are normally tested for pressure every time before the responsible individuals load a payload into the unit.

Temperature GaugeThis gauge allows you to monitor the internal temperature of the ISO tank.

Safety Relief Valve: The primary responsibility of safety relief valves is to release excess vacuum or pressure that is build up.

Walkaway: The external walkaways will allow for safe and easy access to the top of the ISO tank equipment. You may want to get to the top for several reasons including maintenance.

Cladding: The cladding surrounds the inner part of the tank and this will offer protection to your payload against water. The cladding is normally manufactured from glass or aluminium material that is reinforced with plastic.

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Frames: ISO frames have two primary benefits. The first thing is that they offer protection to the tank from damage and this will, in turn, protect your payload. The other benefit of ISO tank frames is that it allows for efficient and easy stacking for transportation purposes. You can refer our website here for further details.


Document Holder: The feature will allow the safe storage of documents such as the certificate of analysis and cleaning certificate of the tank. Besides, there is used ISO tank for sale as well.

Air Inlet ValveThis device acts as a pressure valve while loading and unloading the ISO tank with the payload. Most of these valves are located on the roof of the equipment.

Heating System: Some ISO tank containers are fitted with internal heating systems so as to keep the payload at a particular temperature.

Ground/Earth Lag: The lag will allow the grounding of your ISO tank storage during unloading and loading as electric power runs through the whole unit. It will make sure that the container does not become life as this may cause electrocution to any user who is close.

Ladder: The ladder plays a critical role in making sure that you get to the top of your equipment with a lot of ease.

Roof Hatch: The roof hatch will assist the vacuum tank technician to get into the container so as to undertake an inspection of the internal features. He may also want to get into the equipment to do some cleaning or repair work.

You can take close to ninety minutes to load an ISO tank whereas drums can take you several hours to load. Any vacuum tank for sale is usually very sturdy as the manufacturer typically make them from 4.5mm steel. You should also perform pressure load tests each moment you are unloading the container. The vacuum tank for sale can fit on most vacuum tank truck trailers. The most important thing is to make sure that you get the best vacuum pump package. You also need to maintain and clean your vacuum tank on regular basis.