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Nursing Home Petaling Jaya

Relocating your elderly parents to a My Aged Care nursing home in Petaling Jaya can be difficult. Sometimes, the medical needs or problems due to old age can make it impossible for you to provide the required level of care. When this stage reaches, it is time to think of a good nursing home for your parents.

Nursing home PJ has professional staff who are fully equipped to handle all needs. Located in Petaling Jaya near Ipoh and Perak it is an ideal old folk home. The location allows you easy access for visits with your parents.

They provide comprehensive care to your loved ones with dedication and love to give you peace of mind. They are also available at any time to let you know how your loved one is doing.

Benefits of Nursing home PJ

Structure and unstructured activities: The nursing home schedules fun and interactive activities for the residents. These include field trips, games, and social affairs.

Personalized care: Because each resident has different needs, the care packages are customized to meet the specific needs of each resident. This allows for personalized and hands-on care for your parent.

Round the clock care: The professional staff provides assisted living and medical care to residents around the clock.

Ideal location: It is easy to access the nursing home for weekday or weekend visits. The serene and lush environment allows for great relaxation and tranquillity.Whiten your yellow teeth naturally.

Cozy rooms: It has comfortable and cosy rooms which are fully furnished. Private baths in the bedrooms afford the residents their privacy.

Transport services: The nursing home provides transport to doctors appointments, shopping, errands, and outings.

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Services provided

Retirement care

One thing Nursing home PJ understands is that seniors love their independence. “Old folks home is a retirement care services for seniors with minimal medical problems. The staff assists in preparing meals, cleaning, and laundry and arranges for transport for shopping or social outings.

Assisted living care

The Nursing home staff helps senior residents who are independent mentally and physically with daily activities. They support the seniors by keeping them company and offering emotional support.

nursing home ipohMedical nursing care

Seniors who need medical care and supervision are in the best of hands at nursing home PJ. The staff are well trained and offer medical assistance and supervision to allow your old folks to live comfortably. They are on-call round the clock to ensure that all their needs are met.


Respite care

This is ideal for weekend getaways for the whole family. You get to enjoy the company of your old folks in a homely environment but with close supervision of all their personal and medical needs.

The decision may be a hard one to make. It is recommended that you have a talk with your old folks before placing them in the nursing home. This allows them to transition smoothly into the new environment, and easily make friends.

At Nursing home PJ, your parents receive the best care possible. The staff is dedicated to seeing the residents happy and comfortable. It is a licensed organization with friendly affordable package rates to suit every need.